She's bold, she's brilliant, she's so much more than just beautiful. She is none other than Ms. Jessica King and this week, we had the opportunity to talk to her about all things body positive and more. Scroll down for her hot take on some of fashion's most pertinent topics of conversation and don't forget to follow her on social media (@jessraeking on Instagram) for daily insights in the life of this bold beauty.

Tanika D'souza: What are your thoughts on being a plus size model in general as well as your perception of the plus size industry in Australia?
Jess King: I love being a plus size model- I love that we as an industry are working towards promoting positive body image in the hope of representing all different body types in fashion and media. I do think Australia has a little bit of work to do in terms of catching up with the rest of the world though- America is doing some great things- recently with various plus size models being featured in Sports Illustrated and with 27 plus size models walking at NYFW.  I’d love to see Australia work a little harder- starting with some of the major fashion weeks hiring plus size models in 2017.

TD: What does body image mean to you and why do you love NonAirBrushedMe?
JK: I’m really passionate about focusing on health- whether that be mental or physical- it is always different for each and every person. I think it’s important for people to realise that there is no “perfect” size in terms of health.   I like the fact that Non Airbrushed me celebrates women of ALL sizes, sexualities, religions, physical capabilities etc.  I think it’s important to steer clear of the “Real women have curves mentality” too by acknowledging that all women are real and diversity is what makes us awesome! 
TD: What would you say are your experiences modelling for Nyata and why do you love the brand?
JK: I’ve loved working with Amber, it’s always a fun day on set and I admire what Amber herself and Nyata stand for.  Not many brands have the guts to try and cater to “straight” and “plus” sizes- but Nyata does and they do it well.  I love that they have done away with size labels- preferring to use keywords instead.  After all the size label doesn’t matter- if you love what you’re wearing and feel confident- then that is all that matters.
4. What are your favorite/ must have Nyata pieces?

I love that little bit of glitz and sparkle that Nyata is so well known for.  It really takes an outfit to the next level. My fave piece, the Flying Philly blouse was in one of the first collections and was a long white throw over with gold sparkle. Absolutely beautiful flowy fabric, perfect for those balmy summer evenings. 

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