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Hey lovelies!

Welcome to not only another Blogpost Thursday but also the beginning of what we hope will be a long and lustrous summer for us babes down under! This month, we have channelled all our love for the summer through bright colours and bold prints. It seems only fair considering we go half the year counting down to when it's social acceptable to trade in our boots for Birkenstocks. Well ladies, the time is here. It's only getting hotter and quite frankly, so are we! 

This month, resident badass and all round fashion connoisseur Mel (@curvycartel) showed us that a little colour goes a long way. Wearing one of our favorite wardrobe staples, the Bergeser Sway dress, Mel opts for simplicity in her accessories and add-ons to maintain focus on the dress without deviating from the whole look. 

Mel is no stranger to breaking conventional rules of fashion. As seen above, our girl knows a thing or two about rocking bright colours AND bright prints. And boy, does she do it well! Mel effortlessly dictates her own summer vibe with the use of a tie-up cami and the Bergeser Sway dress - as far as we're concerned, she can do no wrong!

One might say the general rule of thumb when referring to your summer wardrobe is "less is more," whilst we don't disagree, as can be seen on Mel, less does not necessarily mean minimalist. The summer is about being fun and flirty and letting your hair down, so don't let the (albeit super cute) world of pastels and minimalism stop you from experimenting with bold stripes and colours.

As seen above, Mel takes her love for crossing colour and print a step further by pairing the Bergeser Sway dress with the Ramping Triangle Pants. We have to say this might be one of our all time favorite ways to wear the Bergeser Sway! It's simple and it's chic but it's also far from subtle. 

At Nyata, we want you to be seen. No matter the time of day or the time of year, we believe you ought to wear your colours and stripes as proudly and confidently as you can. Mel shows us a number of ways you can do so without compromising on the rules of summer simplicity and we can't get enough!

Make sure to try out your own variations of these outfits and let us know either in the comments or via our social media streams how you've made them work.

Until next time,
Team Nyata xx

Tanika D'souza
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