Wintertime Sadness? Not really.

Hey beauty queens!

Hope your July is off to a start that's as brilliant and beautiful as you. We're super excited about all that's going on at Nyata HQ and as always, we want you to know you're at the center of it all.

This month, we've placed a special focus on bold prints, bright colours and all-round badassery (although that one we'll admit to focusing on every month). There seems to be a misconception that winter is reserved for shades of grey, block prints and any other stylistic choices made to drown us in our own sorrows over not being at the beach with a margarita in one hand and a vodka-soda in the other.

Somehow, that doesn't work very well for us. And we're not the only ones. 

This month, we're focusing on bringing a little life back into our wardrobes and we absolutely love watching you ladies do the same. Take a look at how some of our Nyata Queen have been rocking their threads this season.

The gorgeous Elizabeth Estrada (@LizPhoto on Instagram) couldn't be more summertime fine in our Arrow Minded Dress. The perfect blend of bright/bold and simple/subtle, it's is as much for the faint of heart as it is not. Perfect with a pair of stockings and a trench coat to keep you cosy in the winter!

Another Nyata beauty that we can't get enough of is the amazing Amy (@WillowCurves on Instagram) who knows exactly how to bring the heat! Pictured below in our Antik Love Dress and Bergeser Sway, Amy knows exactly how to be versatile with her wardrobe and look like she's fresh off the runway whilst doing it. 

All kinds of colourful - we can't get enough!
Pictured above: Bergeser Sway Dress

Pictured above: Love Antik Dress
Whilst we love bold prints and bright colour schemes all year round, we can't get enough of them in the winter. When everything else is grey and dull, nothing says "I'm Here" quite like a pop of orange or yellow!
So get ready to be seen ladies and head online for a winter wardrobe revamp. Don't forget to snap us photos along the way - we love seeing you in all your Nyata glory.
Until next time,

Team Nyata